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RK’s Newsletter #2

Hi Everyone,
Once again it has been awhile since the last newsletter. In the interim I have had the opportunity to play a very fun gig at Grove Hall in Huntingdon, Quebec with a great group, the Durham County Poets . This was part of the Ormstown Branches and Roots Festival series. Over 100 people came to the show and it was a treat to share the bill with the poets. Another major treat was to re-connect with the extraordinary Bruce Murdoch after a very long time.

For those of you who don’t know, Bruce was a powerful, fast rising singer/songwriter from Montreal who left the music business in the early 70s but was highly regarded and touted in the US as the next big thing in folk music. Bruce and Mandy have returned to Quebec and he has a new CD out and is playing again. Check him out, .

So my big news is that I will be playing my first Ottawa show on June 19th at the National Arts Centre’s Fourth Stage. The 4th Stage is an cosy room with exceptional sound. I’m hoping that the show will feel as intimate as a house concert. I’ve come to love the spotlight that a house concert puts on songwriting and storytelling. I’m hoping that many of my Ottawa friends will come out to the show, it will be fun. After that, I expect to be back in Toronto for a July show at a little club with Josh Turnbull (drums), Alan Kelley (bass) and other guests.

So now it’s back to songwriting (I have three new ones that are almost ready) and preparing for the NAC show. Until next time, RK