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RK’s Newsletter #01 January 2013, after the Toronto CD launch

Posted on January 23rd, 2013

First, I want to thank all of my Manitoba and Kenora friends who joined my mail list when I toured there this past fall. It was a truly enjoyable and valuable experience for me. It has taken a while to get the newsletter together since I wanted to have my website updated. That has happened recently so I invite you to go to and check it out. You’ll find the cd streaming under the music button on the banner. You will also find an area on the home page called Song Catalog. This where I will be posting new songs as I write and record them in my home studio. Hope you enjoy them and please feel free to comment on them. It will be very useful to me. There should be a new song up in the next couple of weeks. The working title is It Must Be Love.

So finally “Crazy Shades of Blue” has been officially released and is now available world-wide through CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon, etc. The launch was a moving experience for me, in part because it is my first solo recording and in part because it was the very first opportunity for my son and I to play on stage together. The musicians joining me were Alan Kelley (bass), Josh Turnbull, (drums), David Baxter (guitar and mandolin) and special guest and a long time friend, Brian Blain. Everyone who came seemed to really enjoy the show. I even had a friend who I haven’t seen since high school (a very long time ago) in the audience.

It always a thrill to hear one of my songs played on the radio. I hope that it keeps happening. I will be performing in Montreal and Ottawa in the next few weeks to support the cd and to see and greet friends old and new. It is quite a shock for those who have only known me as an arts administrator to see me as a singer-songwriter. I’m enjoying their reaction and I’m truly enjoying performing these songs.

I’m going to keep this first newsletter short. I am starting to keep notes and looking into some design changes for the next one. It should be posted within the next month and regularly after that.
Thanks and see you again. RK

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CD Release & Brian Blain

Posted on December 13th, 2012

Joining me for the launch of Crazy Shades of Blue at C’est What in Toronto on January 10th will be one of my oldest friends and musical buddies, Brian Blain.  Brian will be playing some of his original tunes as well as joining me at some point in the evening.  Also guesting with me will be the incredible David Baxter, guitarist, singer/songwriter, producer etc.  The very tight and cool rhythm section is Josh Turnbull on drums (Young Mother & Old World Romance) and my son Alan Kelley (Young Mother) on bass.  This will be the first time Alan and I will play together professionally.  This will be a real treat for me and something I never thought would happen.

New Website

Posted on December 12th, 2012

So finally here’s my new website.  All thanks go to the wonderful Amanda Rheaume.  She is the designer of this site and of my cd launch poster and if you don’t know, she is an amazing musician, singer and songwriter. Check her out yourself at   Along with official photos by Ben Wellend, a number of the photos on this site were taken by a couple of the hosts on my Home Routes tour this past fall.  My heartfelt thanks go to Lynne Moxam of Lockport, MB and Leslie Sellwood of Winnipeg. Two of Lynne’s 10 photos were selected for my home page photo and for the home page banner.